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Welcome to the Wish Communications Referrals Scheme. We are delighted to have partnered with Red Letter Days to offer you exciting new incentive vouchers called “Lifestyle”. Giving you a fresh choice of exciting new products exclusively from Red Letter Days as our thank you for any business that is secured as a result of your referrals to Wish Communications.

Your referrals could soon be turning into £’s with the opportunity to reward yourself, your family or friends with a special treat from 1000’s of options that will be available exclusively to you through Wish Communications and Red Letter.

So what are you waiting for? Follow the easy step by step instructions below. By referring businesses you know could benefit from becoming a customer of one of the UK’s leading telecommunications companies, you both can be winners and reaping the benefits in more ways than one!


1. Simply create an account by filling in all the relevant boxes.

2. Enter the names of the companies you wish to refer.
You are able to log as many referrals as you WISH, and will be able to follow the status of each referral through your online account.

3. If Wish Communications then secures this business as a result of your referral, and they become a customer, you will then receive your “Lifestyle” reward directly into your online account.

It really is as simple as that click here to get started.

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